A Unified Theory of Evolution
         Natural, Mental, and Social

This monograph of philosophy is a brain-challenge to many. Without a dedicated mind in quietness, even elite readers will find it hard to follow the author's step-by-step reasoning and proving process, let alone to understand the entire cosmic evolution from fundamental particles to human beings, and human society.

If you are an elite reader with a dedicated mind to learn the evolution from the universe to human being and human society, this book might be a panorama that will give you much more details!

The Decline of Humankind

The main topic of this book is to question the current popular concepts of humanity’s progression and development, and makes alarm on the systematic crisis, disastrous prospect of human society and its accelerating trend.

JOY 3D.png
The Joy of Fish

This book consists of thirty essays that talk about how civilized human beings think, believe, and behave toward truth, good, wisdom, and knowledge from different perspectives. These essays were written in a leisure and humorous style, through which readers can easily get a glimpse of the author's philosophical ideas while avoiding the difficult philosophical demonstrations.